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Services in your home or online.

Lactation, Breastfeeding, and Infant Feeding

Occupational Therapy

Wellness, Milestones, Developmental Consult

Lactation, Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding Services

Lactation Services

Support/education on: breastfeeding, lactation, pumping, bottle feeding, formula prep, starting solids (baby-led, puree/spoon fed, combo)

Topics include but not limited to: prenatal planning/education, first few days postpartum, settling in, sore nipples/pain, breast engorgement, clogs/ductal narrowing, mastitis/ breast inflammation and/or infection, management of oversupply/forceful letdown, positioning/latch-on difficulty/refusal, re-lactation, adoptive feeding, feeding pattern assessment, low milk supply/slow weight gain, infant food sensitivities, maternal breastfeeding diet, premature/special needs infants, twins/other multiples, infant oral assessment, tethered oral tissues (such as Tongue Tie), history of breast/chest surgery, hand expression, pumping, back-to-work issues, flange fitting, safe formula preparation, bottle refusal/difficulties, optimal bottle feeding, starting solids, breastfeeding toddlers, weaning

We approach breastfeeding as a whole-body activity for both baby and mother

Pregnant belly

Prenatal Consult

The best time to learn about breastfeeding, bottle feeding and lactation, is before baby is here! During a prenatal consult we will review your health history to identify any concerns that may impact breastfeeding and lactation and develop a plan to optimize your breastfeeding start.

Initial Lactation Consult

Initial lactation consults are individualized and tailored to the needs and goals of your family. We will work with you, using a whole-body lens, to identify the source(s) of your breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and lactation challenges and then develop a plan with you to help you reach your goals.

Mother Baby Bonding

Bottle Consult

During this consult we will work on optimizing your baby's bottle feeding and develop a plan to get your baby's feeding back on track. Baby's latch on the bottle and quality of feeding will be assessed via a whole-body lens. We will then work together to develop a plan so that feeding can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Pumping Consult

During a pumping consult we will complete a flange fitting, learn about pump settings, learn how to maximize pump output, trouble shoot any problems (such as pain and/or low pump output), and make a plan for pumping and/or starting back to work.

Breast Milk Pump
Proud Parents

Follow-Up Consult

During a follow-up consult we will review your care plan is going and make adjustments as needed.

Virtual Sessions

You'd be surprised by how much we can achieve during a virtual consult! During a virtual consult we will conduct a thorough review of your health and lactation history, work on positioning and latch as needed, and a create a breastfeeding/bottle feeding/pumping plan tailored to your family's needs. Virtual appointments are not appropriate or recommended for every situation and may require in-person follow up. Feel free to contact me before booking, if you want to make sure that a virtual session is appropriate for your situation.

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Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Handwriting/Fine Motor Delay, Developmental Delay, Motor Coordination and Visual Perceptual Delay, Sensory Processing/Emotional Regulation Difficulties, ADHD, Autism, Executive Function Difficulties, Feeding Delay/Picky Eating, Oral Motor Dysfunction (including Pre and Post Frenectomy Support), Delays in Self-Help Skills, Delays in Social Skills, Premature Birth/NICU Graduate, Torticollis, Plagiocephaly (head flattening)


Initial Evaluation

We will meet together to review your child's health history, your child's current functioning, and your child's/family's needs and goals.

Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions can be in your home, community, or virtual.

Painting Eggs
Developement Consult

Wellness, Milestones, Developmental Sessions

Topics covered regarding typical child development include, but not limited to:
Milestones and typical development, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory
processing support, emotional regulation, social skills, tummy time, starting solids,
picky eating, tips for soothing/reflux, preventing torticollis and plagiocephaly (flathead),
baby/toddler equipment/toys, baby wearing, sleep development.

Toddler with Toys

Wellness, Milestones, and Developmental Sessions

Includes a 30 minute virtual (or optional in-person if local to Seward) session, with follow up email. Covers education on typical development and coaching on play/activities to further promote your child's development. **If I feel that an Occupational Therapy evaluation is warranted I can discuss options and resources local to you.

Starting Solids

Is baby ready to start solids? Do you have questions on when and how to get started? This educational virtual (or optional in-person if local to Seward) coaching session will cover typical feeding development, the most up-to-date research based feeding recommendations, and various options for your baby/family. **If I feel that an Occupational Therapy evaluation is warranted I can discuss options and resources local to you.

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